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Why Hearing Health?

Today over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from some kind of hearing loss. With our technological life style, that number continues to grow. Once hearing loss occurs, it cannot be restored. We can imitate it with hearing devices, but it will never be as clear or concise as it once was. After hearing is lost it becomes one of the most expensive parts of life to maintain. Some insurance companies will pay for testing or will give discounts on equipment, but many will not pay a dime. Our passion is to create a world where everyone who chooses, can hear us. And our passion will compel us to raise awareness of our cause, educate those willing to understand, and support those who need our support. Hearing health needs allies and advocates, educators and healers. Sertoma communities share the common belief that attention paid to hearing health adds quality to lives and communities.

How do we Support Hearing Health?

We support hearing health through our programs and mission activities listed below. For more detail on these programs, please see the left menu bar.

Hard of Hearing or Deaf Scholarship

The $1,000 Scholarship is for hard of hearing or deaf students that have clinically significant bilateral hearing loss. Graduating high school seniors or undergraduate students must be pursuing a four year degree.

Communicative Disorders Scholarship

The $1,000 Scholarship is for graduate students who have been accepted into a graduate level program in audiology or speech-language pathology at institutions in the United States. Sertoma provides more funds nationally for graduate level study in communicative disorders than any other single organization.

Adopt-An-Agency (National Affiliates)

Sertoma Affiliates are non-profit hearing and speech facilities that have established a relationship with a Sertoma Club or have an independent relationship with Sertoma. This relationship results in greater service to people with communicative disorders by supporting the professional staff and programs of the affiliate.


SAFEEars!©, our National Service Project was developed to provide a national identity in order to spread our mission and attract new members. With minimal financial outlay and time commitments, SERTOMA SAFEEars!© was developed. This project can help in fundraising and membership recruitment!