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Sertoma is located at 1912 East Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64132-1174. Switchboard hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Standard Time. A professional full-time staff is dedicated to the organization’s administration and provides services to members, clubs, districts, and regions.

Sertoma is indeed fortunate to be headquartered in one of the most beautiful facilities of any civic service organization in the world.

Located in south-central Kansas City, Missouri, the headquarters is situated on four acres of beautifully landscaped and heavily wooded grounds. The headquarters itself was the residence of J.J. Lynn, a Kansas City insurance magnate.

Originally, Lynn’s estate covered 63 acres. Sertoma’s neighbors, who purchased other parcels of the original estate, included Research Medical Center (Kansas City’s largest hospital), the World Headquarters of the Nazarene Church and AT&T Long Lines national center. The Headquarters is actually Lynn’s second residence to be built on the property.

The first mansion was much larger but burned to the ground in 1956. After the fire, Lynn’s family consisted of just Lynn and his wife, so the replacement house was much smaller at “only” 15,000 square feet. The Headquarters sits in the middle of what had been Lynn’s private nine-hole golf course.

Construction on the Headquarters began on October 1, 1957, and took nearly a year to complete. The construction cost was $231,000 which would be over $1 million in today’s dollars.

The home was constructed with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There is a bomb shelter with 16-inch thick walls, a lifetime slate roof, and concrete bricks on the exterior. The plaster on the interior walls is covered with artist’s canvas for smoothness. Mrs. Lynn employed four groundskeepers, five maids and one chauffer to operate the estate.

After fire consumed the Sertoma Headquarters at 3700 Broadway in the late ‘60s, a site for a new Headquarters was needed. The old property was sold to the junior college district, and the Lynn residence (which by then was vacant) was leased from Research Hospital beginning in June 1969.

In early 1970, the property was purchased from Research by the Sertoma Foundation. A total remodeling took place, and the building was converted into 10 private offices and work areas for the additional personnel.

A private driveway and parking for 30 cars was completed in 1978. Four years later, the breezeway was enclosed to create the computer center.

In 1991, the Board authorized an expenditure of $100,000 to finish the 2,000 square foot attic into six more offices and additional work space.

Today, the Headquarters is completely debt-free and owned by Sertoma. Although the Headquarters serves as the administrative center for Sertoma, this beautiful facility is truly symbolic of the spirit of volunteerism exhibited by Sertomans everywhere.