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Curated Tools and Trainings (Part 4): Fundraising

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services


Service is at the heart of everything we do as Sertomans. We exist as an organization to improve the lives of others, and while the exact shape that mission takes varies from club to club, Service to Mankind is the one goal that we all share. 

Pursuing this mission comes at a cost. We must have the human resources to create, develop and execute our community service programs. Likewise, we also need the financial resources to make these important support initiatives possible. Fundraising is difficult in the best of times. It has had to completely change over the past year when the pandemic made our usual in-person events impossible. 

We are proud to say that many of our clubs have learned to pivot by embracing new techniques. Others continue to face this challenge and seek new resources to help improve their situation. Today, we’ve shared five of our favorite trainings and resources to help you discover new ways to incorporate meaningful change within your club’s fundraising efforts. 

Have some advice you think would be beneficial to your fellow Sertomans? Please comment so that we can share it with others!