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National Membership Matters

Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services


When many members think about being a Sertoman, they think about being part of their local service club. Community-based missions, fundraisers and events are a huge part of what our clubs do and are often the initial reason so many people choose to become a member.

However, when you join your local club, your membership isn’t just limited to your area! You become part of the Sertoma family, which spans thousands of members throughout North America. You also become part of a national hearing health mission (which includes our National Service Project) and an organization with more than a century of Service to Mankind. 

Here are four other perks our Sertomans receive at the national level:

Support. Not only do you have the support of members from all over when you join Sertoma, you also have the expertise and resources of your national staff. From providing tools and resources to clubs to developing turnkey service programs and fundraisers, staff is here to ensure that all Sertomans are successful.

Connections. Sertoma can help open the doors to new lifelong friendships. Enjoy fellowship and stewardship opportunities at our regional and national conventions or interact with fellow Sertomans anytime in our exclusive members-only Facebook group

Inclusivity. There is a seat at the Sertoma table for everyone! Our Code of Ethics commits us to being “forthright, fair, honest and open with all people equitably regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, economic status or sexual orientation.”

Information. You’ll never miss out on what is going on with your national organization and its hearing health mission thanks to our family of publications, e-newsletters, social media channels and flagship website. 

These are benefits we are also proud to offer to our many National Life and National members. Click here to learn more about your Sertoma membership.