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Volunteering from Home

Brian Riegel


Like me, I know many Sertomans are wanting to help people in this challenging time.  We want to be of SERVICE TO MANKIND but are stuck in our houses.  It can be difficult to find ways to help people while maintaining social distance.  The wonderful news is there are many ways to help people around the country and around the world, without leaving our house.

I have found twenty-nine different places with very diverse volunteer opportunities, that you as an individual or as a club can volunteer and make a difference.  There are sites that you can help a student make sound career decisions, comfort a cancer patient going through chemotherapy, or send a care package to a member of our armed forces.  If you are more into books, you can edit eBooks, or transcribe a piece of history.  If science is more your thing, help map our galaxy, map birds in your area, or help Harvard searchers.  There is someplace to volunteer for just about any interest or skill level.

Use the list below to make a difference during this challenging time!

7Cups Be an online support person
Amnesty Decoders Use your computer to help our researchers sift through photos, information, and documents
App to Succeed Develop video games to help teach youth in need how to make good financial decisions
Ark of Hope for Children Help people victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse, and bullying
Be My Eyes A free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call
Binky Patrol Sew emotional support blankets Contribute your skills and passions to help people with print disabilities read
Career Village Help students make informed career choices
Catchafire A website that matches professionals with nonprofits needing their assistance
Chemo Angels Send a card, letter, or note once a week for someone undergoing chemotherapy
Crises Text Line After training, you will be able to answer texts from people in crises
Cyclone Center Look at satellite images of storms and help researchers predict cyclone behavior
eBird Track the bird populations in your area
Granny Cloud Provide learning and encouragement to children around the world
Hearing Aid Project Do a hearing aid drive or personal fundraiser to help low income people get hearing aids
LibriVox Record audiobooks for the visually impaired
National Park Service Test, evaluate, and develop elements of the National Park Service’s online presence
Points of Light A volunteer clearing house that offers many different volunteer opportunities
Project Gutenberg Proofread eBooks
Project Implicit Help Harvard researchers learn the best ways to break down stereotypes by taking tests
Right Here at Home Train others in technology to help overcome poverty
Smithsonian Digital Volunteer Program Transcribe historical documents
Soldiers Angels Treats for Troops Send well-deserved treats for troops
Talking Masks Help make masks, with clear panels, so deaf and hard of hearing can read lips
Translators Without Borders Use that second language you know to help the world communicate better
United Nations Volunteers Has many volunteer opportunities to help create peace around the world
VocaliD A human Voicebank celebrates the diversity and power of voice
Warm Up America Crochet or knit afghan squares that will help build blankets
Zooniverse Identify wildlife, map our galaxy, or assist researchers in many other ways