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Why the Annual Fund ?

Why should the Annual Fund be one of your top donations you give each year?

Sertoma’s Annual Fund is the crown jewel of our mission, our largest philanthropic endeavor each year, and is at the heart of Sertoma’s mission. The programs it supports are the best promotion of how Sertoma delivers on our SERVICE TO MANKIND motto.
The Annual Fund supports our hearing health programs like SAFEEars!® and Sound Investment, allowing us to offer these programs to our clubs and our Adopt-An-Agency affiliates. But, it also allows us to fund the programs that Sertoma is best known for across the country, our two scholarship programs and the Community Grant program. When I went to the American Academy of Audiology Conference, these were the programs that attendees talked about when I said I was part of Sertoma.

Community Grant Program

Our Community Grant program helps our affiliates with their own hearing health missions and programs so they can better serve their communities. Any club can adopt an organization in their area through Sertoma’s Adopt-An-Agency program and open the door for them to apply for a Community Grant or a Professional Education Grant.

Sertoma’s Scholarship Program

Sertoma’s scholarship programs are how Sertoma is making a better future by helping to solve two different problems. First, our Communitive Disorder Scholarship program solves the need for more audiologists and speech pathologists by helping graduate students pursue their advanced degrees in these needed disciplines. Our Hard of Hearing and Deaf Scholarship program solves the problem of college affordability for families of deaf and hard of hearing students, helping these students achieve their dream of a college degree and helping them secure their future.

     Communitive Disorder Scholarship Recipients

     Hard of Hearing and Deaf Scholarship Recipients

Sertoma’s Annual Fund is truly special; it supports the Sertoma scholarship programs, the Community Grant program, and our hearing health programs, making Sertoma one of the leading supporters of hearing health in the United States.  These programs show on a national level how Sertoma severs mankind.  
The Annual Fund and the Sertomans that support it are what make Sertoma so extraordinary on a national level. Please consider making a Fellow level gift or above and make a contribution to support Sertoma’s Annual Fund today!