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Halloween, Children and Hearing Loss

By Melanie Quinones, Content Coordinator


Halloween night is the only time children get to skip out on their bedtime on purpose of course! The festivities can be a reason for concern with any child. It's dark, tons of strangers around, and everyone has on a disguise. Children living with hearing loss can hopefully avoid the obstacles they may face with these easy tips. 

  • Full head-covering masks limit children's ability to see and can interfere with hearing devices; consider using face paint as a better alternative. Still just as fun, and spooky too!
  • Using reflective tape or flashing items are a great way to stand out during the darker hours of trick-or-treating. Even if they can't hear you during that bustling night, you will have an easier time picking them out from the crowd and darkness.
  • Have a plan with your child if they were to get lost. Make meeting spots known and memorized. 
  • Have your child wear a hard-of-hearing or deaf badge. Doing so will help other trick-or-treaters or households understand if the child isn't responding or wants to communicate in ASL.
  • And always stay close by any child that isn’t old enough to be out and about on their own.

Looking for a fun and safety-focused activity your child and you will enjoy together? Tape and decorate treat bags and costumes with reflective and glow in the dark tape or paint. Make cool designs along with simple shapes. Making items visible in darkness will be helpful for the whole family, including the family pet!


Valuable items for the night

-Glow sticks

-Flashlights with spare batteries

-Backup face paint


-Face wipes

-Extra treat bag/bucket



A safe night is a FUN night! Sertoma wishes you all a Happy Halloween!