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We Asked, You Shared: Favorite Fundraisers from Sertomans

By Melanie Quinones, Content Coordinator.

For #TellUsTuesday, Sertomans in the exclusive Member Corner Facebook group shared fundraisers their clubs have hosted. The events were as diverse and unique as our members. From races to donation drives and everything you could imagine, Sertomans did it and did it well!


In Maryland, The Fredericktowne Sertoma Club throws a Designer Bag Bingo event. Sandy Waterman said “We rent a local fire hall and have Bingo, but the prizes are designer purses!" What a way to bring fresh ideas to a classic game like Bingo!

Nancy Humpries posted that her club managed one of three parking lots for a huge annual craft fair held in their county on a September weekend. The $10 parking fee proceeds were split 50–50 with the hosting town government and service organizations managing the parking. Not only did they help provide a much-needed service to an existing event, but they also raised money doing it!

From the Cedar Vallye Sertoma Club, Jennifer Garrett told us about how her club does a Flag project. She said, "Customers" pay a fee for us to dig a hole, put in a PVC sleeve, and then rent a flag that they either keep for the summer or we put out/pick up for five flag holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and 9/11). Great way to celebrate holidays and be involved in the community!

These were just a few of the many creative and inspiring fundraisers that Sertomas have hosted. 


Other ideas that were included that may inspire your next fundraiser are:

·         Special races (ducks, model boats, pinewood derby cars)

·         Food drive

·         Product sales (flowers, books, clothing, holiday wreaths)

·         Rummage sales

·         Community garage sales

·         Sports events

·         Auctions

·         CELEBRATE SOUND® event


Next time your club throws a fundraiser, keep Sertoma HQ in the loop and send over photos and a summary of the event and successes to Melanie at I would love to share the great work Sertomans are doing!