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Four Ways to Grow Your Club’s Social Media

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services

Sustainable growth is important if our social media efforts are to be fruitful. This does not just mean the number of followers that we have either. The need for growth extends to the body of our content, data metrics and even offline situations. 

But how can we foster an environment of growth when we feel like we’re just joining the social media game? Let’s examine four suggestions:

  1. Identify early sources for growth. Leveraging existing traffic, joining existing groups and using direct invitations are great ways to get started.
  2. Find a platform that makes sense for your club. For most organizations, it is best to start out with something that is easy to use and cheap to run. You can invest more in the community – in time, money and effort – as it grows.
  3. Stay active. Make sure that you are finding ways to engage every day. We offered many ways your club can do this in our Social Media Engagement and Posting Ideas article.
  4. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Many Sertoma clubs and similar civic groups do cool things. Find ways to adapt them and make then your own without stealing their ideas or failing to give credit when appropriate.

You can get more ideas for growing your club’s social media presence in the full article here or in our short training video.