Please Wait a Moment


And so it begins... a holiday post


The holiday season, that is. I’m writing tonight because beginning tomorrow, my time will get even more scarce! I usually write these at night so I can focus, but between Thanksgiving, my son’s basketball season starting, holiday prep, a couple of weekend trips coming up, Chiefs games (of course)… it’ll get harder to find the time even then for a while!

I wanted to be sure to catch you up on what I’ve been up to and give you some hints on what’s to come.

First, I just got back from Dallas where I spent a few days at the annual Service Club Leaders Conference with your President-Elect, Joy Newman. This is a trip the Sertoma ED has taken with the incoming president for a while now, and it serves a couple of functions. First, it helps us communicate with the larger Service Club world out there. We get to hear what’s working for everyone else, share some of our own successes, and learn about challenges coming up, as well as look for some place we can collaborate. I’ve got a few pages of ideas that I’ll be talking with the Board about, so look for that coming soon! Second, and just as important, it gives the incoming President and I a chance to connect at a deeper level and get a sense of where we each want to go in the upcoming year. I’ll let Joy tell you about where she’s headed, but let’s just say she’s ready to get Sertomans together!

And while I’m talking about your board, I want to give you our schedule for the next couple of months. I’m just beginning the prep for our board meeting in January. For the past few months, we’ve had eight different task forces working on some of the big issues, and they’ll be bringing their ideas back to the board. These groups are looking at everything from club building to awards to voting and everything in between. I’ll be sure to report the board actions that come from their recommendations in January, but they’re doing some really stellar work. I’ve already got four of those groups who have finished their work, which is amazing!

Your board and staff, along with doing everything else they need to do, have taken on these groups (along with some other dedicated Sertomans), and are, frankly, doing a fantastic job. Their ideas have surprised me and gotten me excited!

So I guess that’s all a way of saying that I’m extremely thankful for a staff that’s killing it day in and day out, a Board that’s willing to throw in and work hard, and to all of you for this organization that’s providing the groundwork for us to be able to help you serve your communities better. Thank you!

There’s one other bit of information I need to pass on: registration for convention is OPEN! We’re working hard on sessions (though we have quite a few in place), and after being welcomed into so many Regional Conventions, I’d like to invite all of you to Kansas City so I can be as hospitable to you as you have been to me. Consider joining us this year. We’re going to have a great time, and we’ll learn some things about PR, fundraising (from some outside professionals), and have the opportunity to share our wins out there in the world, among other things.

But most importantly, if I haven’t already… I want to meet you! And if we have met, I want to see you again! One of my favorite things about this profession is the people. You’re what makes Sertoma run, and I’m always fascinated to hear your stories and hear more about your clubs. So please join us! I’ll even order up some gorgeous springtime weather.

Take a look here for more info, and register today!!

That’s it for now… have a fantastic holiday, be safe and enjoy family and friends.. we all appreciate you!