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A Proud Partnership

By Dale Robinson, Southwest Sertoma Club

Service is in our name. Service to others. Service to our communities. I grew up in a home built on service to friends, neighbors, strangers or anyone who might need a little boost. Through Boy Scouts, our church, etc., we lived a much fuller life through volunteerism. I believe that volunteerism is the price we pay for the space we occupy!

We tried to make somebody’s day or life a bit better as often as we could. At a young age, I discovered that I could make a difference for others, and I felt better because of it! As an audiologist, my early adult volunteer efforts centered on helping folks who were deaf or hard of hearing. Then, along came an invitation to join Sertoma. I was a guest speaker at a Sertoma club a few times, and they finally asked me to start paying dues!

I worked with the Nebraska Hearing Aid Bank for many years and now, naturally, I work with Hearing Charities of America, (which was founded by Sertoma), and our national Hearing Aid Project. Every Sertoman can assist in some way, and can also benefit in some way too.

We can GET hearing aids for ourselves or for others we know. We can GIVE hearing aids to the program, or we can HELP by donating or creating a fundraiser to provide financial assistance.

Enjoy the warm feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face—just because you can! Our partnership with Hearing Charities of America provides additional opportunities for us to help those in need, and it allows us to expand and fulfill our hearing health mission. To learn more about the Hearing Aid Project and how you can get involved, visit: