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Changing Lives Through Collaboration


Did you know that Sertoma is a proud partner and supporter of the Hearing Aid Project? This national life changing program was created by Hearing Charities of America and launched in August 2016.

With the help and support of generous donors and clubs across the United States, the Hearing Aid Project is able to help fill in the gaps when it comes to hearing aid assistance. This program exists to help individuals who do not qualify for assistance locally or through other national resources.

This uniquely designed program provides low-income individuals with hearing aids and clinical services at no cost. To learn more about the project’s functionality and how you can get involved, please reference some the program’s most frequently asked questions below!

How does the Hearing Aid Project work?

To sustainably support its mission, the Hearing Aid Project emphasizes three program components: get, give, and help. First, low-income individuals in need of hearing aids are referred to the project. Second, hearing aids are collected and cash donations cover the refurbishing costs and clinical services. And third, the project’s mission is funded and continued through various fundraisers and the recruitment of audiologists. Ultimately, the Hearing Aid Project looks to expand its network of providers and supporters who aim to change people’s lives for the better.

Who does the program help?

The Hearing Aid Project helps men and woman of all ages around the United States. All applications must be submitted online, but once a recipient is screened and approved, the Hearing Aid Project manager assists them through the process. The Hearing Aid Project has provided cancer patients, domestic abuse survivors, musicians, medical students, and more with the gift of life changing hearing aids. It has prompted the beginning of new relationships, opportunities, and careers for those in need.

How can YOU or your club get involved?

Be a resource! – If individuals in your community are in need of hearing aid assistance, please direct them to the Hearing Aid Project’s list of state and national resources using the link below. They can also learn more about the Hearing Aid Project by using the links at the top of the homepage! –

Set up a collection center – Your club can set up a hearing aid collection center within your community. Start by contacting local retirement homes, churches and audiology clinics. If a site in interested in becoming a collection center, the Hearing Aid Project can ship brochures and stands directly to the entity. All donated hearing aids have the power to change a life. Every community needs a collection center!

Fundraise! – All it takes is $500 to provide someone in need with life changing hearing aids. Your club can host a CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence® event or create a personal fundraiser online. Both group and independent fundraising opportunities are available. Every dollar makes a difference! Learn more at

Recruit audiologists – The Hearing Aid Project is always looking to network with private audiology clinics or universities. These partnerships are vital in providing the best care to its recipients. If you know of an audiologist that is interested in partnering, please call 816-333-8300 or visit