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How to Grow New Relationships


One of the best ways to create new relationships and spark change is by introducing Sertoma’s programs to the individuals in your community. By sharing what we do, you can better connect with others and engage them in our mission to make a difference.

Whether you’re trying to raise awareness or simply educate others about the importance of hearing health, we have a few ways to help you do both. Each Sertoma program can help your community grow, thrive and come to life!

  • SAFEEars!® – Educate your community about the importance of noise induced hearing loss by promoting the use of hearing protection.
  • A Sound Investment – Take a stand for those with hearing loss by becoming an advocate for looping.
  • CELEBRATE SOUND® – Raise money and awareness for multiple charities by hosting a creative event.
  • Adopt-An-Agency – Build relationships with hearing health entities in your community, and help them obtain funds through our program to work on hearing health related projects.
  • Scholarships – Encourage students in your community to apply for Sertoma’s scholarships.

Building relationships and helping others can be easy when we come together. If you still have questions after exploring Sertoma’s programs, or would like more ideas of ways to make a positive impact, please email