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Single Mom Receives Hearing Molds for Children

Bonnie Owen (center) received financial assistance from the Liberty Sertoma Club to purchase new hearing molds for her two children Michael (left) and Mackenzie (right) who have high frequency hearing loss.


Bonnie Owen, a hard working nurse and single mom, was struggling to keep up with reoccurring payments for her children’s hearing molds.

Both of her children, 6-year-old Michael, and 10-year-old Mackenzie Morgan were born with high frequency hearing loss.

Bonnie’s children do have hearing aids, but every 6 months to a year, her children need new molds to help secure the aids. Between buying the new molds, and paying for the services, the combined costs became a challenge and she could not afford new ones.

Kathy Ellermeier, the Director of Health Services at Liberty High School, said that one of the nurses in her school alerted her of Bonnie’s need for assistance. Kathy said she immediately reached out to the Liberty Sertoma Club because of their strong generous presence.

“Sertoma is an incredible community partner,” she said. “They are truly interested in impacting students in our community with hearing needs and helping them in positive ways.”

Brad Schmidt, the president of the Liberty Sertoma Club, said his club’s goal has always been to focus on charitable efforts within the community.

“We are always looking to give,” Brad said. “Our club gladly paid for the services and molds.”

Bonnie said she immediately cried upon hearing the news and was incredibly grateful.

“I’m an emotional mom,” she said.  “I felt blessed, very tearful. We have such a great community in Liberty. The school nurse is amazing too, we got very lucky.”

In addition to helping Bonnie and her family, the Liberty Sertoma Club also received a LiveWell grant from Liberty Hospital, which the club matched for a grand total of $10,000.

The club used the money to not only help Bonnie’s family, but also replaced two twenty year old audiometers at two schools.

“The new equipment is a huge plus for everyone,” Kathy concluded. “Sertoma’s involvement is just a win-win within the community.”