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Sertoma and Delta Zeta Sponsor Special Trip for Students

The Mansfield Sertoma Club and Delta Zeta Sorority planned a special field trip for some of the special education, Deaf and Hard of Hearing students attending the Mansfield public schools. The field trip took place at the Ohio Senate (photographed) as well as the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio History Museum.

Do you remember your favorite subject growing up? Was it art, history or government? Can you imagine a field trip that would be able to turn all three subjects into a memorable adventure?

Believe it or not, the Mansfield Sertoma Club of Mansfield Ohio, and the Delta Zeta Sorority of Ashland University, teamed up to provide students with a very special, yet educational day encompassing all three subjects.

Each year, the Mansfield Sertoma Club and Delta Zeta Sorority plan around 3-4 trips for the students attending the Mansfield public schools in order to help them learn and explore the community.

This year, in May of 2016, 24 Deaf, Hard of Hearing and special education students attended the one-day trip.

The field trip first began with a tour of the Ohio History Center Museum on 17th street in Columbus, Ohio. The second half of the trip, which was organized by Representative Mark Romanchuck, provided students with an eye opening experience as they toured both the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives.

Students were recognized by the House and Senate during the trip, and Sertoma member, Max Morrison, was also honored for his service during the Battle of the Bulge.

In addition, students were given the opportunity to observe voting and board floor discussions.

George Recck, the president and chairman of the Mansfield Sertoma Club’s Board of Directors and a member of Sertoma since 1997, said that this trip was special in many different ways for all who attended.

“I get involved with the trips because I enjoy them,” Recck said. “I always have fun, and I know everyone else had a great time too.”

The Mansfield Sertoma Club and Delta Zeta Sorority have been working together on various community projects for a little over 5 years. Together, their mission revolves around hearing health and helping those in need within the community.

Dana Grenig, a senior at Ashland University and member of Delta Zeta for three years, said that being involved with the trips not only allows her to give back, but it provided her and the students with  a unique and exciting experience.

In particular, Grenig said visiting the house and senate was very memorable because they were able to learn how the department runs. It allowed the students to catch a glimpse of what political life is like for senators and representatives.

“It’s something I will never forget,” Grenig said. “Being able to witness the bond between the students and teachers was a very eye opening experience too. Sertoma’s presence in the community is very beneficial. They help give students a place to succeed.”