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Festive Event Promotes Sertoma’s Programs and Mission

The members of the Minnehaha Sertoma Club took part in a creative and colorful event that helped bring awareness to Sertoma’s hearing health mission and national programs. Photographed from left to right at the table: Patty Gaspar, Kris Stark, Tammy Stenzel, Sue VanderWoude, Margie Robinson and Bonnie Hazelwood.


Vibrant colors, smiling faces and unique custom table designs were more than plentiful this year at the 2016 Festival of Tables in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This bright and festive event was designed as a way to showcase a variety of different ways to decorate and embellish tables using plates, silverware and other various types of décor. The event was designed to raise money for Active Generations, the Sioux Falls Senior Center.

Lisa Howard, the program director of Active Generations, recently visited one of the Minnehaha Sertoma Club’s meetings and had mentioned she was planning to host an event called the Festival of Tables in March 2016.

Sue VanderWoude, a member of Sertoma since 1997, and club secretary, decided to take advantage of the event by becoming a host, to promote Sertoma’s mission and programs.

Each host at the event was responsible for decorating tables, and inviting guests to fill the tables. The overall purpose of the event was to provide networking opportunities to anyone interested. It provided a chance for various people and organizations to help bring awareness to a wide variety of national and community causes in a fun and creative way.

The event was held in Sertoma Hall, at the Active Generations Facility, March 31, 2016 from 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The event featured 40 themed tables and had around 300 people in attendance.

 VanderWoude said that she enjoyed decorating and setting up themed tables with her fellow Sertoman, Linda Hagedorn.

One of the tables that VanderWoude helped decorate was designed to represent Sertoma’s CELEBRATE SOUND® event. The center piece on the table incorporated a visual display of the sounds that people would miss if they were unable to hear, such as: the ocean, spring rain, a purring kitten, and a family member’s voice.

The table helped market and establish Sertoma as hearing health organization. As visitors walked by, SAFEEars!® earplugs were also handed out to emphasize the importance of hearing health.

VanderWoude said that although she loved decorating and creating themes for the tables, she really enjoyed meeting new people and introducing them to the wonderful work of Sertoma.

“Describing my table to the event guests during the viewing time was very enjoyable,” VanderWoude said. “We told them all about Sertoma and its hearing health focus.”

In addition to the table designs, the evening included a soup and salad meal, gift bags, silent auction, donated door prizes, and a comedian and style show.

In total, VanderWoude and Hagedorn raised $272 worth of ticket sales for Active Generations by hosting four of the 40 tables. In the future, VanderWoude said that she would like her club to host a similar event.

“Sertoma is something I do for myself,” VanderWoude said. “I have always volunteered during my adult life, and I like the diversity.”

VanderWoude concluded by saying, “I will continue to spread the word that Sertoma’s focus is hearing health and service to mankind. I am proud to be a Sertoman.”