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Club Building: A Regional Director’s Take (Part 1)

By Lucy Stolfi, Southeastern Regional Director, and Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services 

New Sertoma clubs have a profound impact on our mission, as each new Sertoman brings an array of personal and professional experiences that strengthen our organization. 

Building, developing and supporting a new club requires time and effort, but there are few things more rewarding than growing an organization sure to have a lasting impact on your community for years to come. We recently visited with Lucy Stolfi, Regional Director for Sertoma’s Southeastern Region, on this very important topic.

Why is club building important to Sertoma?
Stolfi: Club building is important to Sertoma because it will increase our membership and help get the word out to the community as to what Sertoma is all about.

How can you, as a regional director, help a group build a club?
Stolfi: When the Pine Belt Sertoma Club began, I attended the informational meeting. I brought booklets with all the information on what they had to do to become a Club. It is important that a National representative (Regional Director) is present at this meeting to show the new members that National is behind them and will be there if they need any assistance. 

What are your best tips for club building?
Stolfi: My best tip for building a Club is to make sure that the prospective members know what they have to do to build the club from the beginning so that they know what is expected of them and will be eager to take on the challenge.

Why should a club consider building another one in its area or in its state?
Stolfi: A Club should consider building a new club in their area because it is the only way to build the Sertoma presence in the community. It will make our mission stronger if there are more clubs spreading the word of the great works that Sertoma does for the community! 

To learn more about club building, visit the Build a Club page or contact Director of Member Services Brandi McGrath Kong at