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business & PLEASURE

Promote Your Club Mixing “business & PLEASURE”

Since 2016, Gleneagle Sertoma Club has had a successful community outreach program called business & PLEASURE (b&P). Held whenever there is a fifth Wednesday in a month, business & PLEASURE is a special after business hours meeting lasting about two hours. The “business” of b&P is to share the mission of Gleneagle Sertoma Club and what they do (the business) and features a special program speaker addressing a community-wide topic of interest (the PLEASURE). 

The event is specifically targeted toward local business leaders and professionals who are encouraged to join Gleneagle Sertoma or support the club’s sponsorship and fundraising efforts. In addition to sending out unique invitations, Gleneagle Sertoma members are encouraged to invite other prospective members who are encouraged to join them in service to the community.

“We share some fellowship time as guests arrive, then open with some comments from our President, VP of Membership, VP of Programs, or other club leaders who highlight our club activities while a PowerPoint is continuously running that shows us in action. We provide hors d’ oeuvres or a light meal and beverages to our guests and charge our members a nominal fee. Our target attendance is usually 50, including members, some spouses, and 20 guests/prospective members”.- Duane Gritzmaker.

The Gleneagle Sertoma Club has gained vital members and financial supporters through the b&P program through the years because the primarily targeted group of guests are recognized movers and shakers in their local business community that are frequently in the headlines. An unprecedented benefit in attracting business owners/leaders is the younger demographic that is reached concurrently. These new relationships have resulted in lowering the average age of the club by over five years since 2015-2016.

If you would like to learn more about conducting a b&P event or something similar in your community, contact Duane Gritzmaker, Gleneagle Sertoma Club Secretary (, Donna O’Bryant, VP Programs, (, or Vicki Wynn, VP Membership, (