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#MemberMonday: Important Notice for Clubs That Serve Alcohol at Events

Many clubs hold public events where alcoholic beverages are served and/or sold to adults of a legal age. Because this can present a liability to your club, Sertoma’s club insurance program provider has recommended that clubs consider educating and training its members on related guidelines.

Many states have their own set of requirements and laws that may apply. To find out what is necessary in your area, we suggest that you reach out to the department responsible for regulating alcohol in your state. Some states may also provide free or low-cost training that might be of assistance to your members.

For states without such a resource, we are also aware of the two resources listed below. Please note, this does not serve as a recommendation of any training program and is for informational purposes only. Clubs should do their own due diligence and research to find the right fit for their needs and members. 


ServSafe (National Restaurant Association):