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Club Building: A Regional Director’s Take (Part 2)

By Joe Schneider, Great Lakes Regional Director, and Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services  

A few weeks ago, we talked to Lucy Stolfi, Southeastern Regional Director, about club building. In the second part of our blog series, we check in with Joe Schneider, Sertoma’s Regional Director for the Great Lakes area, so that he can share his insights into this important membership development process.

What is your experience with club building?
Schneider: The club that I now belong to, the Powell Sertoma Club in Ohio, was the last club built in what was once the North Central Region (now Great Lakes Region). That club is now 25-years-old with a list of accomplishments too vast to list here.

Why did you decide to help build a club?
Schneider: We were looking to get a gold coat for our then President of the Downtown Columbus club.  The Board put our heads together and decided on a small city and went to work. 

What work went into your club building process in the very beginning?
Schneider: We had a budget and game plan, both items very important. Next step was to identify a location and four or five influential people to sell them on the importance of Sertoma. 

How can you support those wanting to build a club?
Schneider: I am willing to speak to anyone about the importance of building a Sertoma Club, having been a member since 1969, and for the most part, not regretting one minute of my membership.

If you would like to connect with someone on the topic of club building, please email or learn more on the Build a Club page at