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#MemberMonday: 10 Recruitment Ideas for 2022

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services

One of the most common requests I get in my role as Director of Member Services is advice on recruiting members. What I have found in my 17 years of doing this is that there aren’t necessarily that many new ideas out there but rather new variations on old themes. 

Many clubs are hesitant to revisit approaches that may have not worked well in the past or do not really want to put the effort into what it takes to be successful. While I cannot do the work for each club, I can help our members explore a few new ways of reframing many of the tried-and-true efforts that have served nonprofit memberships for years. 

Here are 10 recruitment ideas for 2022:

  1. Put together a slideshow focused on volunteerism in your club. People love to be part of a bigger cause, so find ways to curtail your membership pitch to show off how they can help you achieve your mission.
  2. Visit an active senior community. Retirees make some of the best volunteers out there and many love to be social. Offer to put together a small social for residents and talk about membership in your club.
  3. Host a reunion. Many former members might love to come back together to reminisce. What a great way to remind them of what Sertoma meant to them in the past and what it could mean to them today!
  4. Create Club Ambassadors and help them to find ways to speak to other groups in your community about the service that your club provides. While it may not always help with your recruitment efforts directly, it can be a great way to find future donors, volunteers and sponsors too.
  5. Check out programs at local colleges and universities that may apply toward your club’s mission. This could be a great way to engage with younger volunteers and bring them into the fold as members.
  6. Hold a Bring a Friend event that encourages club members to invite a colleague, friend, family member or neighbor to your next event. If your club can afford it, you might even consider giving them a free meal the first time they attend.
  7. Get involved with the local CVB or Chamber of Commerce. These groups often need volunteers to help in the community, so why not let your club be a conduit of service? Wear a club t-shirt to get your name out there more and make sure to introduce yourself as a representative of your club whenever possible.
  8. Wear your Sertoma pin! So many of our members are often asked what it stands for, so be prepared to talk about what it means to be a Sertoman.
  9. Offer to volunteer at a farmer’s market or job fair in your community. Have your volunteers man the entrance to disseminate information about your club as they come in. Bonus points if you have a takeaway (like a reusable shopping bag) that also includes membership collateral. 
  10. Regularly submit informational articles to your local media (e.g., blogs, newspapers, etc.) that highlight mission-related information that may be of interest to others in your area. Make sure to include boiler plate information about your club at the end of each article, including contact information.

While many of these ideas are far from new, it may have been a long time since you revisited them. This New Year, we encourage you to find ways to incorporate each one of them into your recruitment efforts in hopes of building a stronger and better club in 2022 and beyond.