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#MemberMonday: Club Resolutions for 2022

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services 

Workout regularly, make more time for family, save money, read more books, take a bucket list trip, learn to speak a foreign language – these are just a few of the many different New Year’s Resolutions that we set for ourselves annually. Yet, as the holidays give way to January and many of us set new intentions for the year ahead, why shouldn’t we try to do the same thing for our Sertoma club?

In this blog, we have rounded up a few of our favorite resolutions from nonprofit experts in hopes of providing a little inspiration for your club in 2022.

  1. Plan how you will celebrate your successes. As you set each goal, plot out not only the timeline, steps and volunteers it will take to be effective, but also make sure to figure out how you will enjoy your achievements with fellow club members.
  2. Really get active on social media. Many of our members are very active on their personal Facebook pages, but too many club channels tend to be dormant or nonexistent. Spend time working together as a club to figure out how you can reach a whole new audience online.
  3. Find new ways to thank your donors. This is one that appears on nearly every expert’s list. They encourage you to think beyond the standard email blast or form letter. Personal calls can be especially effective. You might consider mixing it up even more by randomizing your call list with a combination of major, first-time and small perpetual donors to cover a cross section of your giving base. Remember, donors are not necessarily people who give financially but also in the way of goods and services.
  4. Partner up! We often have lofty goals as a club but may not necessarily have the people and financial resources necessary to be truly effective. Consider other organizations and nonprofits in your community that you can partner with in order to bring a whole new level of service to your area.
  5. Show your volunteers the love! There are many different ways you can do this. Whether it be a small token gift of appreciation, featuring them on social media, a special event or something else altogether, find ways to recognize and thank the many volunteers that make your work possible.
  6. Think intentionally. There should be a purpose in everything that your club does. This includes (but is not limited to) building your leadership, strategic planning, review your programs, budgeting and stakeholder engagement. 

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