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The Hearing Aid Project on Connecting A Better World

Did you know that there are approximately 15% (~ 37.5 million) of adults aged 18 years and older who reports some trouble hearing and only 20-30% use amplification or hearing aid devices? In addition about 2-3 out of every 1000 children in the United States are born with hearing loss in one or both ears. 
Dr. Natalie Phillips spends time with Taylor Dunlap, Programs Coordinator, and Brooklyn Pruter, Hearing Aid Project Administrator, for Sertoma and Hearing Charities of America. This interview is a part of her show Connecting A Better World. The show's focus is to take time to pause life to focus on social good, social entrepreneurship, and social impact. "It's time to shift the focus to the people who are making a difference in this world by creating and serving others in ways they have embraced." On each episode, host Dr. Natalie Phillips spotlights individuals, businesses, and organizations doing good in this world with thought-provoking interviews designed to focus on the impact they are making in our community. This show aims to connect people to listen, learn, and spark interest and empowerment in how they themselves see what they can bring forth to make this world a better place.