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#MemberMonday: Retaining Your Best Leaders

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services and Conferences


Club leadership is always a hot topic this time of year, as Sertoma HQ holds its annual national elections and many clubs begin to think about their upcoming change in leadership. 

It can be difficult for many clubs to find members who are willing to take on leadership positions. One of the biggest challenges that clubs face is burnout. Members are willing to serve on the board or chair a committee but the responsibility and time commitment of being an officer can seem overwhelming. However, with a teamwork mentality and a few best practices, your club can make great strides in retaining your best leaders.

According to fundraising expert Amy Stein, here are some ways your club can keep an eye on its leadership retention strategy:

  1. Make the work meaningful to your volunteer leaders. Their service should be interesting and utilize their unique skills and talents as much as possible.
  2. Don’t waste their time. Keep meetings efficient and engaging. Find ways to ensure your discussions are relevant and productive.
  3. Cultivate your board culture. Make sure that you are continuing to grow and develop your leaders’ knowledge of governance, budgeting, fundraising and more.
  4. Say thank you. Board members don’t serve for the pomp and circumstance, but they deserve to be recognized for their service. Finding ways to thank them privately and publicly is a good way to remind them how important they are to your organization. 

This information is an excerpt from our brand-new Finding Future Club Leaders training development video, available now in the Sertoma Training Library.