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#MemberMonday: The Perks of Membership

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services and Conferences


For nearly 110 years, Sertomans have been leaders in civic service work, youth activities, hearing health projects and more. What membership means varies from club to club, individual to individual. However, there are some commonalities that we all have in common, namely our commitment to Service to Mankind and making our communities better places.

We often are asked about the specific benefits of being a Sertoman. This can be a difficult question because so many of our benefits are intrinsic. Unlike a professional association membership that helps you with your certification requirements or belonging to a Chamber of Commerce with a list of local business discounts, our benefits are more focused on the feel-good perks that come with community service. This includes leadership development, networking opportunities, camaraderie in service, lifelong friendships and the ability to make a real difference.

What else do your dues get you and/or your club?

  • Provides your club with a 501(c)(3) charitable tax status
  • Club liability insurance for current active members
  • Access to Sertoma programs such as the National Service Project portable looping efforts, Club Grant Program, SAFEEars!®, Hearing Health Scholarships, etc.
  • Our quarterly publications, the Sertoman and Sertoman Digest, and monthly Sertoma News e-newsletter
  • Recognition of individual and club achievements in the Sertoma Awards program
  • Member-only resources on the website and in our group on Facebook
  • Sertoma Member Savings discounts (
  • National volunteer opportunities

If you are a club leader, we encourage you to share these benefits with your members to make sure they are making the most of what is available to them.