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#Member Monday: Meetings and the Importance of Being Prepared

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Service & Conventions


When you agree to serve on a board or committee, you agree to do the work necessary to ensure that your group’s work will be successful. This includes doing a little work before the actual work even begins. 

We already know that we should come to an in-person meeting prepared. This means reviewing the agenda, the minutes that will need to be approved, financial reports, committee summaries, background information and any other documents that inform you about the meeting ahead. 

The same is equally true for your virtual meetings. In fact, I’d venture that it may be even more important as it can be easy to become distracted when attending a meeting from the comfort of your home. Log on to your computer knowing what is to be discussed and what questions you may have.

If you are a club officer, remember that you are the one responsible for putting together meeting materials. It is your job to help others be prepared. Give them plenty of time to review any information necessary for a meeting by sending things out by email at least five days in advance. 

Note: This blog is an excerpt from the leadership development training, Virtual Committee and Board Meeting: 15 Best Practices for Sertoma Clubs.