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#MemberMonday: Marketing Club Events on Social Media

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services & Conventions

Many Sertomans have limited experience with managing their club’s social media communications. We often hear that they don’t know what they should be posting. That’s why we have put together a few of our favorite ways that your club can promote your events online. 

Event information is a great way to engage with your members online. This includes your regular club meetings, fundraisers, recognition dinners and community service efforts. It can also encompass things like event announcements, results, special acknowledgements, progress updates, thanking partners (like volunteers or sponsors) and more. Don’t forget to use photos and videos for additional impact. 

Some more specific posting ideas include: 

  • Utilize Calendar features on different platforms. 
  • Ask members to share photos from the event on social media with a specific hashtag and then reshare them from your main club page. 
  • Use to create inviting promotional posts.
  • Publicly thank event sponsors, making sure to always tag them. 
  • Post photos or a video of check presentations. 
  • If your event has a winner (like in a golf tournament or talent show), post their picture and tag their name. 

You can learn about other social media engagement and posting ideas here