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#MemberMonday: Leverage Your Meetings to Boost Club Morale

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services and Conferences

Think about your last club meeting. Did you conduct business? Learn something over a meal? Socialize with your fellow members? 

If you had fun, you’re more likely to have a positive association with your latest Sertoma experience, leaving you excited to come back for more. When most people hear the word meeting, they rarely get excited. However, when we put a little bit of fun into our club meetings, they can actually be a great tool for improving the membership experience. 

Laughter is known to have an incredible effect on human beings. It can stimulate blood flow, build immunity, reduce stress and connect us to others. You don’t have to sit around and tell jokes to have fun. In fact, many clubs actually have appointed a so-called Director of Fun tasked with leading this important charge. 

Some ideas from your fellow Sertoma clubs: 

  • Implement Happy Dollars, where you pay a dollar to share a fun anecdote, something you are proud of, or just indulge in a little show and tell. This is a great way to get to know others while raising money your favorite cause.
  • Everyone loves a theme! Plan your programming, meals and attire around different themes. From your club’s anniversary to the Academy Awards to obscure holidays, a theme can be as traditional or as silly as you want. 
  • Celebrate! Your club does amazing things that are worth honoring together. Whether it’s welcoming a new member, reaching a fundraising a goal or acknowledging a successful event, pour a little sparking water – or champagne if appropriate – and toast to a job well done. 
  • Host a contest or quiz. For instance, people love to participate in trivia. You can even offer up small prizes all in the name of friendly competition. 
  • Start a Sertoma gallery. Before each meeting, announce a particular theme (like favorite comic strip, pet photos or baby pictures) and then offer a place for people to display them at your meeting. You can even gamify it a little by seeing who can guess who brought which photos. 

The idea behind these tips is to engage your members and to keep them coming back for more. If we feel connected to our fellow Sertoma members, we’re much more likely to act like a team working to serve our communities. The more we function as a team, the more successful we’ll be together!