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Summer Fun and Hearing Aids

Summer should be full of days in the sun and sand in between your toes, but there are a few extra steps hearing aid wearers must take to make sure a day in the sun doesn't get rained on. 

Summer is naturally the time of the year when people are exposed to water, sun, and sand — on purpose. 

Sand: Playing in the sand is fun, but sand and debris can clog hearing aids. Accidentally dropping your device in the sand means a careful and thorough cleaning afterward. Joy Victory from Healthy Hearing recently shared some tips on how to clean your hearing aid should a little sand threaten to ruin the day. 

Water: Time in the pool is a great way to cool down. But before jumping in, ensure that your hearing aids are far away from the splash. Cruz Hearing Aid Service points out that any moisture can destroy a hearing aid’s microphone and receiver, clog the tubing, and cause corrosion. If you're planning a day in the water, turn your hearing aids off and store them safely in their hearing aid case in a cool, dry place.

Sun: The sun's heat on our skin might be the best feeling ever, but for hearing aids, there is a hidden danger. Direct sunlight could melt and overheat your device when not in use and left sitting in the sun for too long. A cool, dry place is a fantastic location — and don’t forget to keep your hearing aid’s  protective case on hand for even safer storage. 

Following these easy tips will keep your fun going all summer long!

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