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#MemberMonday: Introducing the Club Pinnacle Awards

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services & Conferences

Big changes are coming to the Sertoma Awards program, and that change begins with awards dedicated to celebrating our clubs.

A committee of Sertoma members came together in 2020 to formulate a new plan for the Sertoma Club Award program. Now branded as the Sertoma Club Pinnacle Awards, these awards are designed to recognize overall excellence by clubs in the areas of service, membership, leadership, education and more. All active clubs in good standing will be eligible for the award.  

In order to apply for the award, clubs will complete the online-only application. Clubs will reach Bronze or Silver level when they meet all associated criteria. All Silver Level awardees will then be eligible for the Gold Award (Sertoma Club of the Year) as judged and voted upon by an appointed committee. The Committee shall consist of the President Elect, Treasurer and Vice President. The President may step in to vote in case of Conflict of Interest.  

Bronze and Silver level clubs will be recognized in Sertoman magazine, on the website and announced at the subsequent National Conference. The Gold Club of the Year will be announced and awarded with the official plaque at the subsequent National Conference. All awardee clubs will receive a medallion for their club banner. 

The committee, which was made up of Sertoma volunteer leadership and members, established the criteria for each level. You can find more information about these levels in the Awards Guidelines.

All awards will be due to headquarters by July 31, 2023. We look forward to honoring the first Gold Club of the Year at Sertoma’s 2023 National Conference the following autumn!