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Finding Success in Fundraising

By Tampa East Sertoma Club Publicity Director and Club President, Carl Brown

Finding new fundraisers is always a challenge for Sertomans.   Recently, Tampa East Sertoma hosted our 1st Annual Indoor Cornhole Tournament. Longtime club member, Jim Weiss, suggested having a Cornhole Tournament for a great new fundraiser. Cornhole is one of the fastest growing sports today, and a tournament would allow good exposure to possible new and younger members. 

Jim found Ryan Schwartzkopf, owner of Tampa Bay Cornhole. to help organize the tournament.  In addition to our invited participants, Ryan assured us that he would provide additional participants too. He also provided regulation Cornhole boards and beanbags.

Tampa East distributed flyers to various restaurants and pubs where Cornhole was played and submitted Press Releases to local newspapers in the Tampa Bay area.  Public Service Announcements were also sent to local TV and radio stations for airing prior to the event.

The tournament was held at the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club in Temple Terrace, Florida, where we also hold our meetings.  The country club provided an indoor, air-conditioned venue which was much appreciated by the participants.    

The tournament included both Competitive and Social Divisions. Entry fees were $15 for the Social Division and $25 for the Competitive Division.  Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.  The Competitive Division prizes were $500, $300 and $200, respectively, and Social Division winners were awarded Gift Certificates.

There were more than 40 participants at this first-year event, and everyone said that they were already looking forward to next year’s Tournament!


In addition to raising money through the entry fees, regulation Cornhole boards with personalized artwork were offered for $500 with a portion of the charge donated to Tampa East Sertoma. In Tampa East Sertoma tradition, a 50-50 Raffle was held during the Tournament.  The Raffle raised over $1,300!  The lucky winner took home half with the remainder designated for the Tampa East Sponsorship funds.   

Competitive Division winners were:  1st - Tim Steiner and Khristine Schwartzkopf, 2nd - Zack Clark and Angi Bourguin, and 3rd - Jeffrey Bloomquist and Kyle DuBois.  The 1st place winners were also crowned “Sertoma 2022 Cornhole Champions”.

We hope all these happy players bring lots of their friends to the competition next year, so we can have a larger, more profitable event!

Tampa East Sertoma was chartered in 1965 and is proud of the work we are able to do to support the Sertoma mission of SERvice TO MAnkind.  To learn more about Tampa East Sertoma club, please visit: or like us on Facebook:

For more information about this great event, please call our Committee Chairman, Jim Weiss, at (813) 431.3058 or Publicity Director and Club President, Carl Brown, at (813) 340.3104 to learn more about Tampa East Sertoma Club.


Left to Right: Michael Tragon, Traci Tragon, James Hajec, Jerry Hasara, Jesse Collard and Gloria Hasara

First Photo on the Left: First place winners and “Sertoma 2022 Cornhole Champions”: Khristine Schwartzkopf and Tim Steiner

Middle Photo: L+R- Zack Clark, Jeffrey Bloomquist, Angi Bourguin, Kyle DuBois, Tim Steiner and Khristine Schwartzkopf.

Third Photo on the right:  L+R- Michael Tragon, Traci Tragon, James Hajec, Jerry Hasara, Jesse Collard and Gloria Hasara