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#MemberMonday: Talking to Others About Joining Sertoma

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services & Conferences

“Why should I join Sertoma?”

It’s a common question, but would you know how to answer it if asked? As a nonprofit membership professional, I can talk at length about benefits versus features, the programs that we offer and the meaning behind our mission. However, I can’t speak with the same passion that our members do on what it means to be a Sertoman.

Your experience as a Sertoma member is a highly individualized one determined by your own involvement, goals for belonging, fellowship with others and more. You’ve made a commitment with your time, money, effort, and heart in the name of Service to Mankind. That is why you, as a Sertoma member, are the very best advocates for joining your local club, and in turn, the national organization.

So back to the question we started with: “Why should I join Sertoma?” I recently asked our members and they shared how they answer that question.

“I would share some of our testimonies from people we have helped, such as ‘I could [see] my grand babies cry… now I can hear them.’ Or the story of a middle schooler who everyone thought couldn’t learn. With hearing aids, he is excelling in school and making friends. Testimonies from those we’ve helped are the best.”   - Randy Friend, Ft. Smith, AR (Downtown Fort Smith Sertoma Club)

“Sisterhood. [It’s] good for empty-nest mothers and recently divorced women needing friends and activities…It helps our children in the community. Come see us at our meetings.” – Christine Porter, Rogersville, MO (Queen City Sertoma Club)

“Giving back to your community while meeting friends with like interests.” – Diana Caine-Helwig, New River, AZ (Hershey Palmyra Sertoma Club)

I believe that it is the responsibility of any member who joins an organization to help the organization grow. I share my involvement with the American Society of Association Executives, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Smithsonian Transcription Center because they are organizations I am passionate about and want others to get involved with and support. It is my hope that our Sertomans have that same love for our wonderful organization and will become active advocates for their clubs and parent national organization in their communities. 

Need help getting started? Check out Creating Your Elevator Speech for tips on how you can spread the Sertoma word.