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#MemberMonday: Why Hearing Health Matters to Sertomans

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services & Conferences

We know hearing health matters to you. It matters to us too. That is why we have made it our national mission since 1963. Sertoma exists to improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support. Our organization gives members in the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to impact hearing health and Service to Mankind in your community. 

Here are three ways our members are helping in our mission of service:

  1. Programs to educate the public. Community education and assistance are critical to our clubs. Programs like A Sound Investment and SAFEEars!® bring portable hearing loops and hearing loss awareness to adults and children in communities throughout the United States and Canada.
  2. Developing future hearing health leaders. Hearing health partners are essential to the work that we do, which is why we have put such an emphasis on advocacy and support through scholarships. Each year, Sertoma offers its member-supported Hard of Hearing or Deaf Scholarship and Communicative Disorders Scholarship to assist undergrads impacted by hearing loss, as well as graduate students pursing advanced degrees in audiology or speech-language pathology.
  3. Supporting the hearing health community. Sertoma's Community and Professional Education grants provide financial assistance to facilities and nonprofits looking to positively impact hearing health through new programs, equipment, screenings, support groups, continuing education and more.

This is just the tip of the hearing health service iceberg. Learn more on why hearing health matters to Sertoma and how you can help us in our mission.