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#MemberMonday: Membership Resource Roundup

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Member Services & Conferences 

From time to time, I like to post articles to Sertoma’s Facebook group that can give our members an outside perspective. These external resources come with advice and ideas from nonprofit industry experts on topics like membership, governance, fundraising and more. In today’s blog, I’ve shared a few of my favorite informational tools from recent months:

Gen Z vs. Millennials: Attract Younger Board Nonprofit Members
For those clubs looking to attract younger members, this piece can be a great gateway into the conversation with your existing membership. Even if the article is focused more on the board level, many of the same principles still apply.

22 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit
Looking for some fundraising ideas catered to an online environment? shares their ideas for virtual events in this article.

American Sign Language Classes (Oklahoma School for the Deaf)
Wanting to touch up on your ASL or learn it for the first time? The Oklahoma School for the Deaf has made two courses available for free.

Three Tips for Developing an Engaging Website
Your website is an important way to market your club to the local community. Here are a few things that might help you make it useful and engaging for your members and the public.

20 Club Events to Delight Your Members
Wild Apricot has shared 20 ideas for putting together a fun club event. How many of these have you tried and which ones could you possibly explore in the future?

Top Membership Recruitment Ideas for 2023
This article shares 10 ideas that you can use to draw new members to your organization. It also covers what exactly recruitment entails, why it’s important and general recruitment best practices to help educate members helping in the process. 

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