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Unforgettable Summer Memories: Sertoma's Intern Gets a VIP Pass to Liberty Club's Induction Ceremony

Written by Alexis Greenberg, Sertoma and Hearing Charities of America Marketing Intern

In my first few weeks as an intern of Sertoma and Hearing Charities of America I visited two Sertoma clubs to speak one on one with members and get a better understanding of the impact you make in your communities. 

Connie, our administrator of member services, and I went to Liberty, MO to attend the new officer induction ceremony in late June. This was a smaller gathering than most of the club’s events, but the group was chock full of past officers and leaders within their Liberty community.  

I went around the room getting to know the members after the passing of the banner and giving of awards was complete and asked them all how they got involved with Sertoma and found their local chapter. Answers ranged from “I joined a few years ago because I heard there was free lunch” to “I’ve been around as long as I can remember! The president then was very passionate about Sertoma’s mission” and everywhere in between. 

What I discovered, though, was that it doesn’t matter how the members joined Sertoma, it matters why they stay active Sertomans. Their members told me all about their favorite events and activities run by their Sertoma club. From putting up flags around Liberty on holidays to giving scholarships to local students, helping with Christmas food drives, volunteering at several organizations in the community and giving out grants, and so much more, this club is truly committed to service to all of mankind. 
I asked one member where they see the biggest impact in their community. The Sertoman told me that although the club does so much good in their local community and in the greater metro area surrounding it, the most visible impact is the one the members make on each other. They help one another in times of need and make sure their Sertoma club cultivates community and a strong support network for everyone.  
This sentiment really touched me, and I found it echoed in many of the other members’ reflections on their time with Liberty Sertoma. Finding a place and a group of people within your community that truly care about your success and wellbeing is unappreciated and hard to find.  

This Sertoma club not only helps those in need around their community and supports blossoming leaders and organizations through grants and scholarships, but they support one another through their service. The members lift each other up when starting new professional ventures, entering new chapters of life like marriage and starting a family, tough seasons such as sickness or hardship, and throughout normal everyday life.