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#MemberMonday: Serteen Club Profile: George B. Carter Serteen Club of Hawaii

The Transformative Impact of Knights Motivational Camp

Service projects are a fantastic way for students to give back to their community while also expanding their perspectives and learning about the world around them. These types of initiatives often challenge young people to step outside their comfort zone, engage with new people and ideas, and put their skills and talents to work in meaningful ways.

One perfect example of this is the Knights Motivational Camp, which takes place every February and is at­tended by the George B. Carter Sert­een Club of Hawaii. During this five-day encampment, students have the opportunity to bond with one another, participate in educational and leader­ship seminars, and engage in fun ac­tivities such as hiking in beautiful lo­cations like Kalalau Valley, Kauai, and the rim of Kilauea Caldera.

The 2023 camp was particularly special as Sertoma National Presi­dent Renee Ward presented a proclamation to the Honolulu Sertoma club Treasurer Dan Patterson and Honolulu Sertoma Secretary Kristl Patterson in recognition of their decades-long support of the Serteens Club of Hawaii. This kind of dedication and commitment to service is exactly what makes programs like Knights Motivational Camp so pow­erful; they provide opportunities for young people to give back, to learn from those who have come before them, and to truly make a difference in their community.

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