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#MemberMonday: Connecting to Your Local Chamber of Commerce

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Director of Communications & Conferences

Is your club a member of the local chamber of commerce? If so, are your members actively involved in the chamber?

Many clubs have found success in partnering with the local chamber of commerce. However, to get something out of your chamber membership, the club needs to do more than just write an annual dues check. You will need to go to meetings, participate in volunteer opportunities, attend events, and read chamber communications. When you become an active and vibrant part of your area’s chamber community, your club stands to potentially benefit greatly.

Ten Benefits of a Chamber Membership for Your Club:  

  1. Utilize your chamber connections to find new ideas for your club ‘s Service to Mankind award. There might people in your community doing amazing things that you don’t know about yet.
  2. Get featured in chamber communications, publications, social media, websites, and directories. The more you get the club’s name and contact information out there, the better. This is especially true when you can include any information or messaging about your mission.
  3. Spread brand awareness. People can’t support what they don’t know about, and becoming part of the influential business circle that makes up many chambers is a great place to get started.
  4. Find ideas for new speakers. Whether you’re “stealing” the chamber’s latest great presenter or connecting with a fellow chamber contact, this can be a great place to source informative speakers for upcoming club meetings and events.
  5. Fundraise away. Chamber meetings and social hours can be an opportunity to sell raffle or event tickets for your next fundraising event. Just make sure not to overstep and to respect any chamber rules.
  6. Build relationships for potential mission activity audiences. You may be able to find businesses and organizations that help you achieve your mission goals, as well as discover new recipients and nonprofits that could benefit from what your club does in the community.
  7. Acquire new volunteers. Chamber members are already engaged in your community and likely want to make connections. They can be great volunteers for your club’s larger events and provide an awesome partnering opportunity. Getting them involved in your club first can be a great funnel for eventual club membership.
  8. Speaking of membership, your membership gives you a new pool of potential recruits for your club. When people get to know your members, they are more likely to want to join. Your excitement can get them excited about your club’s mission and about spending time with other Sertomans having fun.
  9. Become a sponsor. When you sponsor chamber events, you are often included in their promotional materials, given a few minutes to speak at the meeting, can put club materials on tables, and have an onsite display. This involvement shows that the club is active and cares about your shared community.
  10. The Chamber Executive Director can be a great speaker to invite to give a “state of business” address for the community. He or she may also have ideas for how your club can work with the chamber on community activities or mission work.

As with anything, it’s important that we reiterate that you are only going to get out of your membership what you put into it. It’s much like Sertoma that way. You need to do more than just pay your dues. You need to show up, get involved, and stay engaged.

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