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Sertoma is excited to welcome Redmond Ramos to the 2022 Sertoma National Conference as our Keynote Speaker!

Redmond has been involved in public speaking since 2008. While in the military, he was always striving to teach his junior Corpsmen (field medics) and Marines combat trauma management. Redmond was in charge of training the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) in combat medicine during Exercise Forest Light 2010 in Sekiyama, Japan.

The day Redmond left the military, he began teaching tactical combat medicine as a civilian contractor for the military. He then found happiness in speaking for the Elizabeth Hospice Center. Being able to thank WWII veterans and their families for their service was an experience like no other. A year later, he was speaking for the hospice center by day and teaching tactical medicine by night.

We can’t wait to hear his keynote address!