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Curated Conversation Topics

Same Ol,’ Same Ol’ Syndrome 

This menu selection explores creative ways your club can escape the mundane and breathe new life into your membership, meetings and more. From new mission projects to creative ways your members socialize, we want to hear it all!  

Restructure Junction 

This menu selection helps clubs reconsider their current membership and leadership structures to ensure that it fits the Sertoma of today…and tomorrow! We know that you love Sertoma, so how can we make sure that others will still love it 5, 10, 20, even 50 years from now? 

The Involved & Reinvolved Special 

This menu selection hits on the age-old question: how do we get members more involved? Share your tips for getting veteran members reinvolved and engaging other members for the first time. 

The Change-Up 

This menu selection is designed to help attendees discuss ways to incorporate and manage change in all aspects of your club. We’ve all been through it, so let’s share the lessons and successes we experienced as a result. 

Relevance Roundup 

This menu selection focuses on ways your club is staying relevant in your community and to younger generations. What programs, events, fundraisers, mission activities and membership initiatives are keeping your club front and center in the area where you live and serve? How are you drawing younger volunteers and members into your club? 

The Modern Fundraiser 

This menu selection examines the many ways that fundraising is changing in today’s nonprofit environment and asks clubs to share what fundraisers have been unique and successful in the past few years. We would especially love to hear about any online and hybrid fundraisers our clubs have held or seen. 

We’re Bringing Fun Back 

This menu selection celebrates the FUN that Sertomans have when they work, serve and come together! Share ways your club has incorporated energy into its meetings, socials, community events and more. 

Know the Rules 

This menu selection takes a look at the legal things a club must know and follow to exist today. Topics may include things like state registration/chartering guidelines, tax requirements, insurance coverage. 

Not-So-Secrets to Success 

This menu selection helps attendees find ways to share their success stories with the community. Our clubs do amazing things, so how do they let others know?  

Should It Stay or Should It Go? 

This menu selection takes a look at traditions within clubs – what must we keep and what should we let go? Participants will share ways to strike the right balance between respecting our history and embracing our future.