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Keynote Speaker: Lefford Fate


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Unlock the Secrets of Success with Keynote Speaker Lefford Fate 

Lefford Fate knows what it takes to inspire and motivate others. With an impressive background of almost 31 years in the US Air Force, Lefford Fate has mentored and led thousands of military members and their families. As the former Command Chief of the 20th Fighter Wing, he was responsible for the welfare of over 5,000 people, and he continues to lead and inspire today in his role as Director of Support Services for the City of Sumter, South Carolina. With a master's in human relations and a bachelor's in social psychology, he models the core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all that he does. 

Lefford specializes in leadership, teamwork, communications, and personal development. He has a passion for inspiring audiences of all ages. As a certified coach, teacher, and speaker, he focuses on aiding personal and professional growth by applying proven leadership methods. 



Fate's keynote address will focus on helping our Sertomans build their team philosophy with his REAL method: 

R – Relationships – Developing and strengthening relationships 

E – Equip – Preparing the membership and club for optimum growth opportunities 

A – Attitude – Creating a positive environment that members are excited to be part of now and in the future 

L – Leadership – Lead from every level of your organization by leading yourself first