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2023 Regional Convention Education

Growing Your Club with Intention  

In a series of three sessions, we will help explore ways your club can grow with purpose. Topics shall include: 

  • Building Trust and Teamwork   

  • Identifying Individual Member Strengths    

  • Positive Volunteer Experiences and Engagement   

Our Uniqueness is Our Strength  

Sertoma’s purpose is to provide Service to Mankind to all walks of life. Does your club represent your community? In this interactive session, we’ll discuss the many groups that not only make up our membership but also those that we serve. We’ll also look at ways to capitalize on our differences in order to strengthen our mission impact, remain relevant and maybe even grow our membership.   

Making Sertoma Programs Relevant to Your Members  

Sertoma offers several national hearing health programs, but why should your members care? In this session, we’ll take a look at what those programs are, how they can play a role in your own club’s mission even when it isn’t related to hearing health, and practical ways to incorporate Sertoma programs into existing and new club programs/events. 

Sertoma, Etc.  

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. In this short session, we’ll touch very briefly on many of our most frequently asked questions including club insurance, what it means to be In Good Standing, where are things on the website and more!  

We’ve Learned All This, Now What?  

We’ve covered an array of topics at this regional convention but what comes next? We will wrap up our event with a look at why it’s important to put what you’ve learned to use and how to get your fellow club leaders and members excited about it. Session facilitators and staff will be available to answer questions further in depth and space will be provided for discussion and goal setting for individuals and groups.