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To advance the hearing health mission and branding of Sertoma, Inc., through a direct relationship with the National Adopt-An-Agency/Affiliate Program.

Grant Range

$2,500 to $5,000


  • Must be recognized as a National Affiliate of Sertoma, Inc. through headquarters by September 30, 2022.
    • Organizations that wish to be part of this program can submit an application found at
  • Affiliation fee for the current fiscal year must be paid prior to submittal.


All grant applications and requested materials must be received at Sertoma headquarters by 4:00 pm Central Time on January 31, 2023.

Projects That Will Be Considered

  • Hearing health programs and projects
  • Equipment related to hearing health
  • Program supplies [expendables]
  • Development of new program
  • Salary stipend to support a new program
  • Parent support groups and associated resources (may be a first-year program only)
  • Hearing/speech screening program
  • Information research [surveys, focus groups, market research, etc.

Required Materials

Online Grant application and listed uploaded documents. Have everything prepared before going to the application. You will not be able to save and continue.

  • Application
    • Complete the online application by clicking on the Application button below or go to

    • Project Description (5,000 characters max)
    • Short Project Description (75 characters max)
    • Community Impact Statement (5,000 characters max) explaining how the project will affect your community, including the number of people helped annually and the life expectancy of the program.

Documents to Upload. All uploaded files must be under 1MB.

  1. Itemized Budget
    • Detailed budget showing the revenues and detailed expenses of the project. Include revenues from all sources, including a line showing the amount requested from Sertoma for this grant.
  2. Proof of nonprofit status
    • All applicants are required to be a 501(c)(3) charitable organization or an approved public entity. The organization must submit a copy of the determination letter for proof of nonprofit status. Determination letter should be dated within the last two (2) years. Verification that the organization has not had their tax status revoked will be done prior to issuance of any funds granted (if applicable).
    • In the case of school districts, city departments and some hospitals, a letter from the organization stating that it is a government-supported agency will suffice.
  3. Letter from the sponsoring Sertoma club (if applicable). The letter should include the following:
    • Summary of the relationship between the club and Affiliate
    • Funds received from the club in support of the organization, including any for this project
    • Volunteer hours received from the club in support of the organization

​Notification of Recipients

Upon submission, an email verifying that it was received will be sent to the contact email. Notification of award or denial will be made in writing by March 30, 2023. If a grant is awarded, a check payable to the agency will be included with the notification letter. If a grant is denied, a letter of explanation will be mailed.

Each recipient is required to email a short report on how the funds were used and the outcome of the project. This must be received to apply for a grant the following year.

Sertoma, Inc. may modify the guidelines and funding priorities without prior notification. Grants may be for the full amount or a portion thereof.