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Become a Sertoman

The one thing that brings all Sertomans together is the yearning to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We are connected by our passion for helping others, and when you leverage that spirit of service, there is no limit to what we can do together.

With two available membership options, it’s easy to join Sertoma in a way that fits your life. For those looking to be part of regular interactions that come with  club meetings and activities, or if you want to be a part of Sertoma and its mission on an individual basis, there’s a membership just for you.

Learn 15 reasons our members are #ProudToBeASertoman!

The intrinsic benefits of your new membership are many. Involvement in a mission-driven organization gives you the exciting opportunity to volunteer with and give to the causes that matter most to you. Here are just a few other things you get as part of the Sertoma family:


Service to Mankind

You have become a Sertoman because you understand the importance of giving back. Through your new membership, you have the opportunity to support the causes nearest to your heart.


Enhancing Community Leadership

Being part of Sertoma means that you can have a direct impact right there at home. As a leader in the neighborhoods where you volunteer, live, work and play, you ensure that Sertoma’s mission will be woven into the fabric of your community for years to come.


National Support Network

You are not alone! Sertomans throughout North America are here to support you and share in your opportunities, challenges and joys.



Being a National Member of Sertoma is a great way to support our national hearing health mission. Whether the nearest club is just too far away, or there aren’t enough available hours to be an active club member right now, a National Membership lets you be a part of Sertoma today.

It’s easy to get involved. Are you ready to make a difference?


If you are interested in joining a local Sertoma club, you can find a club in your area using our online directory. We are also happy to help make introductions to clubs in your area! Simply complete the form below and we will reach out to local clubs for you! As a representative from each club contacts you, you’ll be able to hear what an individual club does within your local community, when they hold meetings and provide a great way to ask questions to see which club may be the best fit for you.


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