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SAFEEars!Some noises are just too loud for your ears, like a lawn mower or jet engine. If a noise makes you feel uncomfortable, it is probably too loud and could result in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Although research is ongoing, currently NIHL is permanent and irreversible, but it is preventable.

SAFEEars!® strives to motivate individuals of all ages to take action against noise-induced hearing loss by understanding the cause and the solutions, because damage incurred today can last a lifetime. Discover how sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss due to excessive exposure to noise) can affect your hearing, through a Hearing Loss Simulator, courtesy of the Better Hearing Institute.

About Sertoma

For more than 100 years, volunteers known as Sertomans serve communities across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Originally known as Co-Operative International, each member takes pride in the colorful history of the Co-Operative Club and Sertoma Inc.. 

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