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Amplified Hearing

Amplified Hearing


Sertoma is proud to partner with the Hearing Charities of America to provide our clubs with personal sound amplifiers through the Amplified Hearing program.  These out-of-the-box devices are wearable electronic products that fit in the ear and are intended to amplify sounds. We know that sound amplifiers are not a fit for everyone, especially those needing something permanent. However, for populations unable or unwilling to care for hearing aids, those receiving end-of-life care, or people who need temporary assistance, they can be a great solution.


We encourage clubs to find local partners who may benefit from these devices. Ideas may include:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Emergency shelters
  • Hospices
  • Crisis centers
  • Rehab facilities

Base Pricing

$60 for 6
$100 for 12

Available in multiples of six. Includes size 13 batteries (while
supplies last, shipped separately) and S&H.


Device Features Include:

  • Digital hearing enhancement (up to 40dB increase)
  • Standard and noisy modes
  • Silicone body for comfort and easy cleaning
  • S, M & L ear tips for correct sizing
  • Includes custom storage case and soft-touch controls

Click Here to Order Online

Available to active Sertoma clubs only. Online ordering is limited to 60 devices. If your club wishes to order more than 60 amplifiers, contact Jason Camis at 

Support Materials


Contact Brian Riegel at or (816) 608-1065.