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CELEBRATE SOUND® is Sertoma’s national awareness-raising and fundraising event created to help members, clubs and national affiliates promote hearing health in our communities. This premiere event is designed as a turn-key fundraising project. The events help raise funds, but equally important, helps raise awareness of Sertoma, its affiliates, and our hearing health mission.


Sertoma is well-respected for our hearing health mission. Hearing health agencies, the audiology and speech pathology professions, deaf and hard-of-hearing students – these communities know of the contributions Sertomans make in the form of grants and scholarships. With CELEBRATE SOUND®, we can spread the word beyond these circles. Together, we can raise public awareness of hearing health issues and increase funding for grants and scholarships.

Many worthy causes have gained recognition and awareness through nationally-branded events like walks. Now it’s time for Sertoma, its affiliates, and hearing health to shine in the spotlight.


This event is designed as a partnership between the event organizer and Sertoma to generate awareness and funding for local needs and our national hearing health mission.

Sertoma provides the tools and supplies for the event, from t-shirts and posters to full administration of participants and donations. The event organizer provides for the local needs—permits, facilities, day-of-event activities, and recruitment of local sponsors and participants. The event organizer’s expenses and supply costs will be paid from the revenues generated by the event. The remaining proceeds (net revenue) will be equally divided between Sertoma and the local organizer.

A partnership of shared investment, effort and success will build awareness and support for local and national programs and services.

About Sertoma

For more than 100 years, volunteers known as Sertomans serve communities across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Originally known as Co-Operative International, each member takes pride in the colorful history of the Co-Operative Club and Sertoma Inc.. 

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