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Serteen & Collegiate Programs

Youth are the future of our society. Sertoma recognizes the need to invest in our nation’s greatest resource – our YOUTH – and to help young people become better citizens of tomorrow.

Sertoma created the Serteen and Collegiate programs to help high school and college-age students be active in serving mankind on both a local and national level. These programs help members develop both leadership and social skills, while working together to plan social activities, service projects and fundraisers to benefit their community.

Serteen & Collegiate Clubs Promote:

  • Service to the less fortunate and to local communities
  • Positive peer association, mutual understanding and tolerance for all people
  • Friendship and fellowship as opportunities for Service to Mankind


Serteens are young men and women who are interested in the world around them and who are motivated to improve their world through service to mankind. Clubs are organized in junior high, middle and high schools, as well as in the community. Membership is open to young men and women aged 11-19, with no restrictions to race, color, disability, creed, gender, national origin or religion.

Sertoma clubs organize Serteen clubs. Each sponsoring Sertoma club has a club member who serves as a liaison to the Serteen club. However, Serteen members decide what needs are most important in their schools or communities. Serteen clubs have their own constitution and bylaws, and elect their own leaders. They raise their own money, choose their own service projects, and plan their own activities. Above all else, Serteens learn about themselves and their leadership skills as they provide service to their schools and their communities.


Collegiate Sertoma clubs are organized so college-age students can become active in providing service to their universities, colleges and communities. While members of Collegiate Sertoma clubs serve others, they also learn about themselves. Club membership is open to young men and women, college age through graduation or 25 years of age (whichever comes first). Collegiate Sertomans are encouraged to become members of Sertoma clubs upon graduation or leaving school.

Collegiate Sertoma clubs promote the growth of individuals, good government, leadership, mutual tolerance and understanding among all people. Collegiate members learn the joy and satisfaction of being involved in service projects that improve life in their schools and communities. Membership is open to young men and women with no restrictions to race, color, disability, creed, gender, national origin or religion.