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Fifteen Reasons to Love Sertoma

By Brandi McGrath Kong, Member Services


For more than 100 years, Sertomans across North America have been united in their mission of service to others. However, Sertoma is much more than just another service organization. In today’s post, we share 15 reasons we’re #ProudToBeASertoman!

  1. Friendship: Whether it is with members from across the country or right in your backyard, Sertoma can help open the doors to new lifelong friendships. 
  2. Personal Development: Hone professional, interpersonal and personal development skills like public speaking, one-on-one communication, strategic planning and more with your Sertoma involvement.  
  3. Leadership Development: Climb the Sertoma ladder while developing and improving your leadership skills through committee chairpersonship, project management and community-club relationship building.  
  4. Citizenship in the Community: Become an active participant in your local area by taking part in community events, fundraising and support initiatives.  
  5. Fun!: Sertomans know how to have a good time! Enjoy plenty of social opportunities at regular club meetings, Sertoma conventions and community events.  
  6. Continued Learning: Whether you are enjoying a program at a club meeting or taking part in an online training from the national organization, your Sertoma membership ensures that you will never stop growing.  
  7. Two-for-One Membership: Enjoy two-for-one membership when you join your local Sertoma club. You’ll also have access to all the great benefits, programs and events that your national Sertoma organization has to offer.
  8. Dedication to Mission: Sertomans throughout North America are united in their mission to improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support. Many local clubs also have their own community-based missions to serve the needs in your area.  
  9. National Support: Not only do you have the support of members from all over when you join Sertoma, you also have the expertise and resources of your national Sertoma staff. From providing tools and resources to our clubs to developing turnkey service programs and fundraisers, our staff is there to ensure that all Sertomans are successful in their pursuit of Service to Mankind.  
  10. Inclusivity: There is a seat at the Sertoma table for everyone! Our Code of Ethics commits us to being “forthright, fair, honest and open with all people equitably regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, economic status or sexual orientation.”  
  11. Service: More than anything else, service to others is what unites all Sertomans. Our members are truly dedicated to improving the lives of others. 
  12. Impacting Change: It is amazing what groups of people can do when they work together, and thanks to the hard work of Sertomans over the past century, our organization has been able to impact change in the hearing health field and beyond.  
  13. Coming Together: Enjoy fellowship, stewardship and education at the local, regional and national level thanks to Sertoma’s robust meetings program. 
  14. Staying Informed: Never miss out on what is going on with Sertoma and our hearing health mission thanks to the Sertoma family of publications, e-newsletters, social media channels and flagship website. 
  15. Addressing Community Needs: Sertoma gives you the opportunity to address the needs of your community through fundraisers, educational programs, support initiatives, involvement in local events, volunteerism and more. 

If you’re not already part of the Sertoma family, we’d love to have you! Click here to learn more. 

And if you are a Sertoman, tell us why you belong in the comments! We’d love to share your testimonials with others.