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2024 Regional Education Sessions


This year’s slate of educational sessions will provide plenty of opportunities for members to share ideas in small and large groups as well as ask questions from session presenters, national leadership, and staff!


Engaging the Younger Generation

Why would younger members join your club? How could you recruit them? Even more importantly, how will you engage them once they’ve joined?  In this session, we’ll explore the reason younger members choose to belong to organizations like Sertoma and ways you can engage with them in your club. We’ll also discuss the importance of building a community, supporting mentorship relationships, and offering benefits and programs that are important to the younger generations.


The Power of Member Testimonials

Active members are your club’s biggest advocates, and a strong testimonial can be one of your best promotional tools. Likewise, when we share the powerful stories of those we help, we can truly demonstrate the power of Service to Mankind. You’ll leave this session with tips on how to build a testimonial and how to use them effectively to market your club and recruit members.


The Internal Club Experience

Every club has core administrative and leadership duties that are critical to the organization’s continued longevity. This session will help attendees understand what a successful club looks like and what steps they can take to follow suit. Come prepared to talk about things like managing your club roster, the role of board meetings, effective leadership, and more.


Strengthening the Current State of Your Club

Engagement is everything to an organization like Sertoma, and this highly interactive session is sure to give you plenty of ideas to breathe new life in your club. We’ll talk about ways you can get veteran members excited about your club again as well as how to build cohesion in your team during tense times. Other critical membership topics will also be addressed in this series of segmented mini-sessions.


Featured Hearing Health Speaker

Hear from a regional hearing health expert about topics and/or programs impacting the deaf and hard of hearing in 2024. Exact sessions will vary by region depending on featured speaker.